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Brother Rat


Hozier, Take Me To Church

Music to paint to

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Some things look cool in unfinished stages


major awards - starflyer 59

Painting music

The mundane
Watercolor on paper
I wanted to post a cropped version of this piece (the full piece can be viewed on the blog) because the original is very wide and therefore some of the detail is hard to see.
The piece is a reflection on the idea that when a traditional painting depicts a sacred figure they are portrayed as either extremely radiant or glorious, or there is some event of great importance transpiring. The piece is meant to show that sacredness does not dissolve when the scene is not pivotal or glorious. And that the small everyday, mundane events are still sacred and important.

"Ecstasy of Saint Rat" 
Watercolor, ink and acrylic on arches paper.

This piece is based on the religious sculpture :”Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” The piece is said to show Saint Teresa in Spiritual ecstasy, Saint Teresa had a vision in which an angle was stabbing her heart repeatedly with a divine arrow, bringing her overwhelming spiritual ecstasy. This is what the Sculpture portrays.
This piece is a jab at the other ecstasy the Sculpture hints at.


"I used to believe in some kind of feeling that could change everything I thought I knew, but that door is closing, my heart feels like it’s frozen, if your near me I can’t feel you"~The Classic Crime

This piece was created after a serious tragedy.
The rat seems jovial and happy, however the wink implies a hidden meaning, and the sign contradicts his demeanor.

Watercolor, charcoal and ink on paper


"The mundane"
Sacredness does not dissolve when things do not look sacred, Sacredness does not disappear when the scene is mundane, and inglorious. 
Watercolor, charcoal and ink on paper.
(Best photo I could get of the piece)


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Rat, watercolor on paper

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Based on the Pearl Jam song of the same name
Graphite in Moleskine 


Terribly honest" (Jockstrap rat 2013)
Watercolor, graphite and ink on paper

The jockstrap rats are a group of pieces I update yearly that are a nod to a time when I was physically ill, a reflection of humor and humility. 

(Taking the opportunity to re-upload these since they were rushed)