Giving a speech at the art show and someone yells out “do it in a rat voice!”
What are you supposed to do after your life goal is fulfilled?

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who/what are you characters personalities based off of? or what inspires you to make them act as you they?

Well. when I begin a painting or drawing, I generally don’t think of the figures as “characters” per se, I try to go for a theme, emotion or message, and focus the lighting, color and form to evoke those things.
The rats are allegorical, so they definitely (hopefully) have a personality that is intrinsic to the overall message.
However, the rat as a character, in the comic I’m working on, would be me, and the other creatures represent extensions of myself, my friends and family, or even emotions and ideals, such as religious ideology or dogma ect.

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The original you see in the picture was on watercolor canvas, I’ve had the piece for about a year and it was just impossible to work successfully on that surface, the watercolor couldn’t be applied in layers in areas, colors came out weird and bubbly, the whole thing was a mess, but don’t worry, I transferred the image onto large size paper and will redo it on a surface that I’m much more comfortable with, I needed to get that giant thing out of my space and I thought it’d be neat to burn it and photograph the results rather than just tossing it in a dumpster:)